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Some sympathy and support for Bio as he had to drive a disco2 to help me deliver grapes as post operation I'm not allowed to do that sort of thing just yet.

He had a particular problem with the gear knob in not knowing where to put it.

Thank you Bio for stepping into the breach, I hope the twitching passes soon.

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 11 | - - | Date Posted: 06-10-18

Sunday proved interesting as my appendix failed and off to GWH I went for removal. Came home yesterday with my midrift feeling like it has done 12 rounds with Anthony Joshua.

To have to rest in the middle of harvest is quite interesting as concepts go so I'll probably go buy another Alfa to cheer myself up......

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 18 | - - | Date Posted: 25-09-18

That's another thing I was wondering.

I'm on my 4th, a 2nd gen 3L V6.

Posted by: Albannach | Replies: 10 | - - | Date Posted: 12-09-18

Just asking...

Posted by: Albannach | Replies: 4 | - - | Date Posted: 12-09-18

It's been ages since anyone posted !.

Posted by: Andy | Replies: 15 | - - | Date Posted: 05-09-18

Is anyone out there?

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 9 | - - | Date Posted: 10-08-18

So 10 years ago we arranged a Trip with surfs and fronteras to the plain.


A good day was had by all....despite me  blowing a radiator and someone else blowing an engine  big_smile

I had my boy racer son with me that day...his first off-road experience, he learned how to control a vehicle and do things he didn't think a car could do.

....... [ Follow the 'Read More' link below to see the full post. ]

Posted by: meooo | Replies: 6 | Read More | Date Posted: 18-07-18

Anyone recognise K780 YRN? It's a 3.0L V6 Surf, in the correct colour - I've bought it and I'm trying to find out its history.

Posted by: Albannach | Replies: 0 | - - | Date Posted: 13-07-18

It’s a tough job relaxing in France, trying wine, pineau and cognac. Will be off to travel through the wine regions of St Estephe and Paulliac today.

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 1 | - - | Date Posted: 11-07-18

Melted squirrels brain, made bio decompose and as for Bob well there you go.

Enjoy the sunshine chaps

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 5 | - - | Date Posted: 25-06-18
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