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The Gentleman(?) formerly known as the Legal Budgie has today handed in his membership of the CrappyD's Burger Flippers and has been awarded the title Apprentice Wine Ponce in recognition of his appointment as a Sommelier at a 5* gaff in deepest Hampshire

Lord help the poor buggers that take his advice  lol

....... [ Follow the 'Read More' link below to see the full post. ]

Posted by: Predictable Bob | Replies: 4 | Read More | Date Posted: 19-03-18

Someone in Barnsley with a lifted 2nd Gen Surf was trying to tow an artic and trailer in the snow  smile

Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel | Replies: 2 | - - | Date Posted: 18-03-18

I see that Wiltshire is facing chaos as a light dusting of snow covers the ground this morning.  So glad all I need do is put the fire on and chill for the day.  On the plus side it’s doing wonders for the vines.

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 27 | - - | Date Posted: 01-03-18

After all that effort in validating his identity I’d assumed as he and Mrs W were free of sprog responsibility they’d be off searching for the sun but he’s still hanging around.

How best can we encourage him to migrate?

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 24 | - - | Date Posted: 13-02-18

A little or should I say large Herbert appeared on my doorstep yesterday asking me as an apparently responsible person to confirm his identity to Her Majesty’s Government.

So the question is when I’m presented with the form which of the following do I use

Or Sussex yokel

Decisions, decisions.....

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 26 | - - | Date Posted: 19-01-18

Thought I’d mention it before someone else did but the cause of 1400 vehicles being destroyed was down to a P38 landrover.

I’ll just leave this there.......

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 8 | - - | Date Posted: 06-01-18

To all here  beer  drunk

Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel | Replies: 17 | - - | Date Posted: 31-12-17

Has anyone paid? I intend to when I can but it does seem a tad money orientated, apparently you cant post pictures unless you cough up, is that right? I realise the guys got to get his outlay back but how much does it actually cost to run a site? (and hello Jess whistle ).

Posted by: Popeye | Replies: 8 | - - | Date Posted: 29-10-17


I've just been on the Surf Forum and the most recent post is from Lucky explaining that it was no longer viable and was closing down ...


Posted by: Predictable Bob | Replies: 35 | - - | Date Posted: 26-09-17

I'm pondering how to welcome a short, part time pedant to our vineyard in the next few days. Do I put the flags out, bunting and a brass band or should I maintain my usual level of indifference?

Thank you

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 20 | - - | Date Posted: 02-08-17
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