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Has anyone paid? I intend to when I can but it does seem a tad money orientated, apparently you cant post pictures unless you cough up, is that right? I realise the guys got to get his outlay back but how much does it actually cost to run a site? (and hello Jess whistle ).

Posted by: Popeye | Replies: 8 | - - | Date Posted: 29-10-17


I've just been on the Surf Forum and the most recent post is from Lucky explaining that it was no longer viable and was closing down ...


Posted by: Predictable Bob | Replies: 35 | - - | Date Posted: 26-09-17

I'm pondering how to welcome a short, part time pedant to our vineyard in the next few days. Do I put the flags out, bunting and a brass band or should I maintain my usual level of indifference?

Thank you

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 20 | - - | Date Posted: 02-08-17

It's been a while, think this site is missing Brummie  sad

Posted by: meooo | Replies: 146 | - - | Date Posted: 11-07-17

Seasons greeting to you all

I hope you all have had a good day, or in Brummie's case you are also feeling better :-)

The Tree Rat  big_smile

Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel | Replies: 11 | - - | Date Posted: 25-12-16

Has anyone ever cut one in half? that is the bit you pull up with the hand grip on the end, just want to know if there's owt inside or is it a solid bar, (want to extend it, ) big_smile

Posted by: Popeye | Replies: 2 | - - | Date Posted: 20-12-16

Another MOT under it's belt! (where have I herd that before? hmm )  anyway it passed, surprised me really what with the state of the dash, I did tell him I was in the process of "renovating it"
anyone want a proper stinking cold?

Posted by: Popeye | Replies: 16 | - - | Date Posted: 16-12-16

Hello Matt (and everyone else) been a while, no I aint dead yet and nor is the surf, trust you are well,
I had a couple of operations and so has her indoors, but were still kicking, lost our little dog earlier this year, Kidney failure, broke our hearts, only 8 1/2, we have another Shih-Tzu now tho, lovely little female,
still working on the truck, I ripped out the entire dash and am in the process of making my own, sometimes I wish I'd never started,  all those fans and the relay system you helped me with are all back and running, had a real nightmare as some of the labels I stuck on cables fell off so had to trace wires etc,

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Posted by: Popeye | Replies: 37 | Read More | Date Posted: 10-12-16

Just a short run today https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity however I'm trying to increase the pace. The last half mile was up hill and very muddy, which did result in me needing a good sit down after the finish line. Just waiting for the official timings to see how well I did.

Posted by: Athletic Idiot | Replies: 0 | - - | Date Posted: 16-10-16

Today I thought I'd go one better and took part in the New Forest Marathon ( https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity ), yep 26.2 mile mixed terrain running. Although to be honest it wasn't a walk in the park. I started flagging at 18 miles, then at 22 miles I bent over to adjust my laces and felt a sudden desire to lay down. After a 3 minute rest I got up and walked until I felt better, running the last mile. My official time was 4:27.24 which I can't really grumble over.

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Posted by: Athletic Idiot | Replies: 1 | Read More | Date Posted: 11-09-16
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