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Just a short run today https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity however I'm trying to increase the pace. The last half mile was up hill and very muddy, which did result in me needing a good sit down after the finish line. Just waiting for the official timings to see how well I did.

Posted by: Athletic Idiot | Replies: 0 | - - | Date Posted: 16-10-16

Today I thought I'd go one better and took part in the New Forest Marathon ( https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity ), yep 26.2 mile mixed terrain running. Although to be honest it wasn't a walk in the park. I started flagging at 18 miles, then at 22 miles I bent over to adjust my laces and felt a sudden desire to lay down. After a 3 minute rest I got up and walked until I felt better, running the last mile. My official time was 4:27.24 which I can't really grumble over.

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Posted by: Athletic Idiot | Replies: 1 | Read More | Date Posted: 11-09-16

you don't store your nuts there.....


Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 0 | - - | Date Posted: 30-07-16

caught in the act


Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 17 | - - | Date Posted: 29-07-16

Decided it's far too hot to be cooking, so got the expert in


Is it ready yet Trev?  whistle

Posted by: meooo | Replies: 5 | - - | Date Posted: 20-07-16

What do you do when you feel 129 mile cycle rides aren't testing enough? Well sign yourself up for a half marathon of course.
Starting to panic ever so slightly as I have only 13 days until I take part in my first half marathon, training was going really well back in February when I was up to 12.5 miles in under 1:50:00. Then I got struck down with a chest cold which stopped my exercising completely. Then in March I partially tore my right calf muscle. After some physio I only started running again last week & then I was limited to 10 minutes a day. I'm now easily doing 20 & hope to have tripled that figure by the end of this week.

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Posted by: Athletic Idiot | Replies: 6 | Read More | Date Posted: 11-04-16

Have just sold the Disco after 3.5 years ownership, 25k miles covered and I sold for £50 more than I paid for it, chuffed.

So what go get as a replacement in time for the harvest. Needs to tow 3.5 tonnes.

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 9 | - - | Date Posted: 07-04-16

Well someone has locked my old account, & this one has too low a post count to get into the members section. So I just need to post a load of rubbing to pad out this account.

Posted by: Athletic Idiot | Replies: 8 | - - | Date Posted: 04-04-16

Once again i've gone walkabout, sadly this time unlike Jamaica I can report that tree rats are rampant here as are oversized americans.

Plenty of V8 muscle cars which make a great sound as they blast through downtown Stamford.

I suppose I better go and do some work......

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 9 | - - | Date Posted: 22-03-16


Posted by: meooo | Replies: 1 | - - | Date Posted: 08-03-16
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