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Anyone recognise K780 YRN? It's a 3.0L V6 Surf, in the correct colour - I've bought it and I'm trying to find out its history.

Posted by: Albannach | Replies: 0 | - - | Date Posted: 13-07-18

It’s a tough job relaxing in France, trying wine, pineau and cognac. Will be off to travel through the wine regions of St Estephe and Paulliac today.

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 1 | - - | Date Posted: 11-07-18

Melted squirrels brain, made bio decompose and as for Bob well there you go.

Enjoy the sunshine chaps

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 5 | - - | Date Posted: 25-06-18

Just asking.....

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 22 | - - | Date Posted: 30-05-18

I'd rather give one of you lot some beer tokens...

I'm not 100% sure what I need, but it will be loads of silly wee things big_smile

Posted by: Albannach | Replies: 8 | - - | Date Posted: 17-05-18

Michael Portillo is doing a show on C5 on the lost village of Imber

Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel | Replies: 3 | - - | Date Posted: 11-05-18

When returning from the Chunnel t'other week, M25, I'm towing a small trailer so 60mph and no outside lane use.....bloody Jonny foreigner truck driver (56mph or less) tried for 12 bloody miles to complete an overtake
12 Miles   mad
I know it was that long because we were coming off in 12 miles to join M26? (Summat like that) and thought I was gonna run out of motorway.
He suddenly realised he too wanted that junction at the very last minute and cut between the two nose to tail trucks he'd been trying to overtake....

....... [ Follow the 'Read More' link below to see the full post. ]

Posted by: meooo | Replies: 9 | Read More | Date Posted: 03-04-18


The Gentleman(?) formerly known as the Legal Budgie has today handed in his membership of the CrappyD's Burger Flippers and has been awarded the title Apprentice Wine Ponce in recognition of his appointment as a Sommelier at a 5* gaff in deepest Hampshire

Lord help the poor buggers that take his advice  lol

....... [ Follow the 'Read More' link below to see the full post. ]

Posted by: Predictable Bob | Replies: 4 | Read More | Date Posted: 19-03-18

Someone in Barnsley with a lifted 2nd Gen Surf was trying to tow an artic and trailer in the snow  smile

Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel | Replies: 11 | - - | Date Posted: 18-03-18

I see that Wiltshire is facing chaos as a light dusting of snow covers the ground this morning.  So glad all I need do is put the fire on and chill for the day.  On the plus side it’s doing wonders for the vines.

Posted by: abecketts | Replies: 27 | - - | Date Posted: 01-03-18
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