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Posted by: gwh200
Date: 01-12-2009 13:52:45
...There I was driving to work, and I'm on the last bit of road. It's very twisty and narrow. I can see a car coming towards me... Goodnes I think. I stopped( as it was going to hit me head on) and held on real tight waiting for the crunch. About 30 feet from hitting me the driver stopped talking with his passenger and saw me. We didn't collide as he panicked and hit the only tree for about 500 yards instead.
This was a Renault so no great loss, but I digress. The guy disentangles his self from the air bag and got out, as did I. He started shouting and swearing that it was my fault. I initially put it down to shock, but after 10 minutes realised he was serious, so I called the plouce, which seemed to calm him rather. I gave the copper my insurance licence and mot, even though the surf is completely undamaged. He thanked me and asked the other fella, who went off again about how it was my fault. The copper picked up really quickly that the crash had happened on my side of the road, the skidmarks started on the other drivers side and ended at the tree about 25 yards in front of me.(the marks started on the ice on my side but he managed to skid all over the place)
The other fella was in z right state now, he was going to sue me, the police etc... He should have shut up because he got on the coppers t I t s so much, instead of leaving him alone he checked him out.... And he was banned from driving last month... Fool
Posted by: Matt
Date: 01-12-2009 14:31:33
Glad to hear you weren't hurt or anything Gra. :) Just goes to prove the blaise attitude that they have. They think they can get away with anything and everything and just do as they please. Serves the muppet right. :D