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Posted by: logey
Date: 04-12-2009 20:39:39
Posted by: Bio Hazard
Date: 04-12-2009 20:41:32
at the top

3rd row down ......look for CHAT
Posted by: logey
Date: 04-12-2009 20:41:33
forget it.

found it.

no one there either neither nor tomato tomarto.
Posted by: Matt
Date: 04-12-2009 20:41:43
Click on the link labelled 'Chat'  near the top of the page. :D
Posted by: logey
Date: 04-12-2009 20:47:30
ok. i'm thick. but one of you is a yeti and the other is a ginger dildo!

i'd rather be thick!!!
Posted by: gwh200
Date: 04-12-2009 22:03:18
It's right next to gay bar, underneath s&m dungeon
Posted by: Bibs
Date: 05-12-2009 01:09:57
there ay anyone there  :(  :(