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Posted by: meooo
Date: 21-12-2009 18:08:47
To make a recovery....I did tell them  :whistle:

Here endeth another Frontera  and another chav :rolleyes:
Posted by: Matt
Date: 21-12-2009 18:14:32
Oops. :D How did they end up getting out?
Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel
Date: 21-12-2009 18:26:23
That looks like a deckchair job :D

(Pull up a deckchair, crack open a beer and enjoy the comedy before you  :lol: )

Are they both recovered now ?
Posted by: meooo
Date: 21-12-2009 19:16:15
I think the tide came in/out once first  :D

It was "dad, Morties gonna recover a Fiesta from Newquay Harbour with his new Fronty"

"tell him to use a long rope from the slipway then"

"ok"........ :whistle:

And this guy runs a bodyshop!