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Posted by: adpsimpson
Date: 09-02-2010 13:08:56
Went for a walk on Saturday with the mrs, and bit off more than we could chew. A 4 hour walk became a 7 hour, 16 mile hike with the last 8 miles back to the car through a peat bog, the last 2 hours in the dark. Got back to the river with the car parked on the other side and to save the 100 yards to the crossing, walked straight through it and near collapsed.

We had our trusty tomtom with us (no map on it, but an arrow, a star and a distance between the two will at least get you there eventually), or it would have been a mountain rescue situation. Still I'm paying for it now.

And the worst thing? I've got £200 of suspension, steering and brake components from Milners sitting delivered to the office... :(
Posted by: Matt
Date: 09-02-2010 16:23:07
There's a lot to be said for being averse to physical exercise. :D
Posted by: si tate
Date: 09-02-2010 16:30:02
I feel for you mate, i'd hate it if a load of goodies were sat at work & i was off sick for being a numpty. :lol:  :whistle:
Posted by: Apache
Date: 09-02-2010 17:44:00
I walked in to work this morning - 3/4 hour!!!  :o

Doing it again tomorrow if the weather is OK - quite enjoyed it really!  :D
Posted by: BigBobE
Date: 09-02-2010 19:08:18
off work for a day or 2 myself,was just about to leave for work this morning, got a call from my mother to say my grandda passed away in his sleep in the hospice last nite, he was meant to be coming home on friday,

at least he isnt in anymore pain......
Posted by: adpsimpson
Date: 10-02-2010 11:39:09
Wow, way to put my sore legs into perspective. Sorry to hear that.
Posted by: BigBobE
Date: 10-02-2010 11:48:29
thanks, but he was i'll for a while, we all expected him to pass in june but he got through everything and was back home then he was just in for a bit of repite care in the hospice for 2 weeks,.....