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Posted by: JUDWAK
Date: 06-04-2010 11:30:41
any one know the ratio between  how many volts can be used  to the length wire used?

it needs to be bang on . the higher the volts i can use the better for what i need

the magnet will be 2m long by 0.5m wide
i can get it up to any voltage from 12v to 240v
wire is not a problem get that anywhere but lenght is
i understand how  an elctromegnet is made and so on but i dont know the ratio for volts and lenght of the wire coils?
any of you boffs know owt

ohh its going to be portable too :whistle:
Posted by: gwh200
Date: 06-04-2010 16:22:59
Well you can apply a current up to the maximum capacity of the load carrying medium. When considering an electromagnetic application, if using the B.ds integral. This will give you the magnetic flux at any point on the line of reference. Just remember that the magnetic flux will be perpendicular to the flow of current. Consider this when forming the lode. It may end up dictating the direction of the winding, relevant to your particular application.
Posted by: gwh200
Date: 06-04-2010 16:23:55
Mind you, I wouldn't apply electricity from the mains. You'll just end up killing yourself.

You don't require a huge amount of current to make a strong electromagnet either.
By the B.ds integral, you can show a massive increase in tesla's for a small current application.
Posted by: JUDWAK
Date: 06-04-2010 18:54:58
iam not doing it from the mains tiz from the truck
its just planning it right first
then i'll get the tackel and finsh this part of mi projected

have you any idea what volts they use at the scrap yards to pick cars up?
and iam i right in thinking by dropping the volts  the power of the magnet dropps too?

cheers gra ;)
Posted by: Matt
Date: 06-04-2010 21:42:28
Posted by: Apache
Date: 06-04-2010 22:53:51
Rail gun? :D
Posted by: JUDWAK
Date: 06-04-2010 22:54:50
nice 1 matt
silly me it never crossed my mind to look there
some bugger has been messing with my settings i did not think of google coz its gone off mi tool bar :mad:
cheers tho maff
Posted by: Predictable Bob
Date: 07-04-2010 10:42:35

That's a good use for a rail gun ...