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Posted by: Bio Hazard
Date: 06-05-2010 20:26:07
Just changed to a BT home hub ........Much better :D
Posted by: Apache
Date: 06-05-2010 20:28:36
Us too! A consistent 6megs over copper these days!
Posted by: MudSurfer
Date: 07-05-2010 07:07:28
7.6Mbp/s over copper, in the wildes of Wales!!!  With Plus Net
Posted by: Matt
Date: 07-05-2010 13:59:46
I'm still on a 2meg connection. :D
Posted by: Maverick
Date: 16-05-2010 14:26:52
mine's abit slow at the moment, something to do with only haveing the GPRS network available. At home I get between 6 and 14 meg, on Orange living half a mile from the main exchange building.
Posted by: JUDWAK
Date: 16-05-2010 14:41:57

Icon - Post link Matt wrote:

I'm still on a 2meg connection. :D
:D me 2