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Posted by: stormforce
Date: 06-10-2011 19:04:46
Matt when you did the search for different brands of filters to fit the surfs how did you work out which filters matched the part numbers for the surfs filters.
It's just we got a load of filters at work and we want to find out what other vehicles they may fit
Posted by: Bio Hazard
Date: 06-10-2011 19:06:58
Get a mahle filter book they have a good cross reference guide
Posted by: stormforce
Date: 06-10-2011 19:21:20
cheers Ian
Posted by: Matt
Date: 06-10-2011 19:36:36
Yup, pretty much like Ian said. Fram have an online cross reference system on their site, and I also used the Mann cross ref programme. I have a copy of the Mann programme I used on the server:

There may be a newer version of that software out now though. Just download and install. I used both the Mann and the Fram systems to cross ref as completely as possible.