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Posted by: Growler
Date: 06-12-2011 17:25:04
Recieved a phone call this morning from local hospital to say I have to get back to the UK urgently to see a lung specialist  :no:  :no:

Appears my doctor has got concerned over my recent X rays, and wants something checking out in a hurry. So I am now in Naples airport waiting for my flight back
to see what all the panic is about. :o

Bang goes my overtime for the next three weeks as I have had to hand over to another PM to see the jobs through.
Posted by: Brummie
Date: 06-12-2011 17:36:25
I hope its all a panic over feck-all and the twat has to apologise for feckin you about.
Give me a shout if you need a chauffeur 'cause parking around the QE is a [ Dyslexic swearing ].

Posted by: Tintin
Date: 06-12-2011 19:45:16
Hope it's nowt to worry about G'man

Posted by: Matt
Date: 07-12-2011 06:00:20
Hope it turns out to be nowt. :)
Posted by: Growler
Date: 07-12-2011 21:37:44
Cheers Fella's, I'm fairly sure it's just crap lingering on from the building site I lived at for 9 months. There is always a small chance he could be right so heading in to hospital tomorrow to find out.

Ian thanks for the offer, but missus will be home in time to drop me in. She can park in the uni only 5 mins away.
Posted by: Bio Hazard
Date: 07-12-2011 23:19:33
Just found this .... Andy i hope it's nothing to bad ......
Posted by: Growler
Date: 09-12-2011 14:16:05
Well spent four hours having tests done to come out no further on than when I went in.

Have to go back in a few days for a CT scan and possible biopsy depending on the scan results.
Posted by: TonyN
Date: 09-12-2011 15:03:56
Typical, fingers crossed for firm better news soon.
Posted by: Brummie
Date: 09-12-2011 16:18:29
Bugger, you posted that about the same time I texted you. Glad I've got 100's of the barstewards to use. I think I don't use a months allowance in a year.  :D  :D

Posted by: Tonka
Date: 09-12-2011 23:31:31
Yep...looking forward to good news for you.
Posted by: Growler
Date: 21-12-2011 13:08:34
Finally got an appointment through for the CT scan so heading in tomorrow morning to see how that goes, then meet with the consultant on the 5th Jan to get the final results.
Posted by: Brummie
Date: 21-12-2011 19:44:47
Got my fingers crossed mate

Ian   :thumbs:
Posted by: Matt
Date: 05-01-2012 05:03:59
Hope the outcome is good for you today Andy. :)
Posted by: Growler
Date: 05-01-2012 16:07:33
Well, i went and spent another few hours hanging around and being prodded and poked again, but finally the results are in.


Seems I have sustained some scarring/damage in the left lung, which is what kicked this all off, along with an infection which is still kicking around.

So now back on the meds to try and get rid of the last of the infection  :cool:
Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel
Date: 05-01-2012 16:59:26
Glad it's good news Andy  :D
Posted by: Tintin
Date: 05-01-2012 17:26:36
Glad it's ok mate!
Posted by: Matt
Date: 05-01-2012 18:43:34
Good to hear it's nowt serious. :thumbs:
Posted by: Bio Hazard
Date: 05-01-2012 21:00:26
That's a relief .......