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Posted by: flounderbout
Date: 24-12-2011 10:20:26
Have a good one you lot. 
Am presently grumpily working on Christmas Eve, but looking forward to a day off tomorrow and then I'm off to stay with this guy for 10 days...
Cannot wait!!! :D
Wish you all the best for a great Christmas and New Year...
Posted by: meooo
Date: 24-12-2011 11:29:02
Been nice knowing you  :)  :)
Posted by: flounderbout
Date: 24-12-2011 11:44:09
A couple of pints inside me and I reckon I can take any fully grown African lion....
Posted by: gwh200
Date: 24-12-2011 11:55:07
Noonatick. Have a splendid festive thingy old bean.  :D