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Posted by: Tintin
Date: 01-01-2012 12:04:56
Got a problem with the truck fella's,   heres the sequence of events!!

Friday lunch time, nipped down the road, fuel gauge showing REAL low, O/D OFF light started flashing on and off slowly!

Flicked the O/D button in out a few times, no change!

Presumed the light doubled as a fuel low warning.

Chucked £20 of derv in

Drove back to job, about half a mile, O/D Off  light still flashing but seems less and random!

Driving home from work fri night (again about half mile) noticed light still flashing randomly and speedo not moving!!

Rev counter working, all needles moving except speedo (and trip gauge )

Where should i start looking????
Is the O/D OFF light anything to do with low fuel or coincidence??

All help gratefully received

Happy New Year folks!!

Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel
Date: 01-01-2012 12:08:57

As far as I am aware there isn't a link between low fuel and the O/D, however I think the O/D issue could well be linked with the speedo and trip.

I believe you can use the flashes from the O/D light to diagnose issues with the autobox (like the Engine Management system)

Good luck and Happy New Year

Posted by: Matt
Date: 01-01-2012 12:15:04
Your remedy is in this thread. Both Paul and I have suffered the same recently. Speedo out of the cluster, a couple of caps and a general board clean up should sort it.

Can I ask a question please.....(Speedo woes)

If you're not comfortable with doing the repair yourself, you're welcome to send the speedo unit here and I'll sort it for you.
Posted by: Tintin
Date: 01-01-2012 13:02:00
Thanks Trev  !

Matt, I'll have to read thru all that babble later!  May take you up on that offer, but i need to take the binnacle out to fit my MPH dials anyway!
(they've been in the garage over a year!!)

Thank guys

Posted by: Tonka
Date: 01-01-2012 22:45:10
Plasma lights and temp gauge mod while the units out??.. ;)
Posted by: Tintin
Date: 02-01-2012 09:50:46
Definitely can't be arsed with lights, but may have to look into the temp gauge mod!  Any links??

Posted by: Tonka
Date: 02-01-2012 10:44:35
Posted by: Tintin
Date: 02-01-2012 12:02:02
Does anyone know for sure if the 2.4 and 3ltr speedo binnacles are the same???

Posted by: Tintin
Date: 04-01-2012 06:40:02
Had to nip to Gatwick last night, on the way back i found out my cruise control is not working.
Is there anything linking the two or is this pure coincidence????

Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel
Date: 04-01-2012 07:28:42
Al, I would say yes, if there is no signal for the speedo then what can the cruise lock into ?
Posted by: Tintin
Date: 04-01-2012 07:57:27
Ahhh, good point Trev, hadn't thought of it that way round!!
Better get the friggin clocks out asap and fix them then!!!

Cheers mate

Posted by: Paul1566
Date: 04-01-2012 15:21:06
Take your time and don't get flustered and force anything particularly bits made of plastic that are cold.....
cus it will break and then you get more annoyed and a bit more breaks etc etc etc.......
And make sure you got clean mits when fitting dials as sweaty fingers mark dial faces.....

slowly slowly catchey monkey..................... :D
Posted by: Tintin
Date: 04-01-2012 16:44:52
Cheers Paul,   most important thing now is to get rid of the apathy!!
Really can't be arsed to take it all apart and look for a fault i may not find anyway!! :(