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Posted by: meooo
Date: 30-07-2016 17:12:18[/url][/url]

Driving along, just released from roadworks.....this "thing" snaked out from inside lane to lane 3
I'm in lane 2 thinking " I missed tat one, but it looks like foam pipe insulation....."

How wrong was I?  It took off (was about 6' long) like a rotor blade and flew back towards me....
" it's going over the top, go on keep going".   Wrong. It hit end on, I now assume it was plastic tube, around 22mm and came through like a javelin, good job it wasn't a foot lower it could've come through the screen.  :|
Posted by: abecketts
Date: 30-07-2016 19:42:28
Feck, a lucky escape
Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel
Date: 30-07-2016 20:28:35
Jeez that's a brown trouser moment !

Glad you are ok