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Posted by: meooo
Date: 18-07-2018 18:27:31
So 10 years ago we arranged a Trip with surfs and fronteras to the plain.

A good day was had by all....despite me  blowing a radiator and someone else blowing an engine  :D

I had my boy racer son with me that day...his first off-road experience, he learned how to control a vehicle and do things he didn't think a car could do.

Fast forward to last year, he picked up a couple of range rovers and discoveries, bought and sold and ended up with a lifted v8 disco which he used as it was intended (replaced several diffs etc  :rolleyes: )
When the storms came in last year (we missed them as we were sunning ourselves in Spain  :cool:  :D ) he went out and recovered people, towed them up hills etc. Spent one night on a main route with a severe hill pulling people up to safety in heavy snow.
There was a police armed response BMW M5 stuck....they couldn't get up the hill....he'd asked if they wanted a tow and they declined three times. Eventually he decided he'd had enough and was going home....told the police...they decided to take the tow. It was filmed apparently.... :devilish:

Today he's had a letter of commendation from the chief constable for his help to the community and allowing emergency vehicles to go about their business by keeping main roads free of hold ups.

Haven't heard of them doing this before, apparently ther were 400 recommended for the commendation but he was actually selected.

Not bad for a boy racer (he still races)  :rolleyes:
Posted by: abecketts
Date: 19-07-2018 06:40:14
Well done to him and the v8 discovery.....
Posted by: That_Ruddy_Squirrel
Date: 19-07-2018 21:04:19

Icon - Post link abecketts wrote:

Well done to him and the v8 discovery.....
Well said sire, the lad done good :-)
Posted by: Growler
Date: 23-07-2018 19:27:23
Well done that lad, and his green oval :)  :thumbs:
Posted by: Growler
Date: 23-07-2018 19:28:24
Well done that lad, and his green oval :)  :thumbs:
Posted by: Predictable Bob
Date: 24-07-2018 22:25:46

Excellent job !

Where's the link to the video ?

Posted by: meooo
Date: 25-07-2018 07:16:02
Can't find it
May have been one of those Instagram type things they do nowadays  :/