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#110-12-2010 14:47:06

New bit of business.

There is a lot of limo activity tonight. Not just our piles of shit, but everyone elses piles of shit. Mrs gwh is home in an hour and I'm off to a breakdown for a London firm...and the requests are piling in...could be a profitable night...and I'm driving lexurf.  big_smile

#210-12-2010 17:15:52

Re: New bit of business.

Icon - Post link gwh200 wrote:

off to a breakdown for a London firm.....could be a profitable night...and I'm driving lexurfbig_smile
Price of petrol just gone down in your area then?... lol

#310-12-2010 17:27:14

Re: New bit of business.

With fuel costs, and Lexurf's copius diet you got to be making a fair old lot to make it profitable - you demanding the car as the price for repairing it, the scrap value should do handsomely  big_smile

#410-12-2010 19:27:40

Re: New bit of business.

Where's it written that Lexurfs are more thirsty than diesel surfs then?

Oh hang on, I'll go next door and ask Dave................ tongue

#510-12-2010 21:09:59

Re: New bit of business.

I've written before...lexurf uses just about the same amount of fuel as the old 2.4...which makes it better than the free leeter. I am getting around 17-21 to the gallon on A roads and I reckon I got 23 on the motorway. I freely admit I boot it now and then...but why have a screaming banshee of a V8 and drive like miss daisy. I've just stopped a hummer from being towed. He was stuck in 3rd gear...sounded familiar. His usual man was adamant the box was gubbed. I changed the ignition relay and he's currently off on his hire...and it's changing fine. So much relies on this ignition relay, I've advised him to always carry a spare...it costs. About £12 from bauer millet. Lots cheaper than £2000 for a bew box with labour and vat ( which he's just had done).

#610-12-2010 21:31:32

Re: New bit of business.

and would still need a relay presumably

#710-12-2010 21:58:33

Re: New bit of business.

...and will work for a while if you reset the ecu, by having the power off for 8 hours. It will only work for a while after though. Poor fella has been properly ripped off. His usual fitter is still here. He remarked how it was impossible to find a wiring diagram for an h2...so u let him have a hard copy I have with me.

Not a fekin clue has the man.

#810-12-2010 22:10:45

Re: New bit of business.

So the new line is Hummer repairs - I can see you being busy big_smile
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