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#109-04-2011 20:55:08

Worcestr Way + beer :D


Worcs cathedral. The strat of our epic jorney




The Severn


Diglis Dock bri=dghe... brodge... feckin ell! BROIDHGE... BRIDGE!!! YAY!


Geordie Boy Keith and beer


Spannetr Dave and Keith and beer


A urinal, somewhere


Keith and me


A wonky bota boat





Weird Spanners


Another urinalk - somewhere


Pissed apach

Mmmmmm... saausage!

Last edited by Apache (10-04-2011 10:09:14)

#209-04-2011 21:01:43

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

Nicely random pics...not sure they are in the right order?

#309-04-2011 21:04:31

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

Most excellent. smile

When I grow up I want to be like you.....


#409-04-2011 21:19:52

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

Whya thankyou!

Yes randfonm

Yes, you DO wwnat to be like mw i=f I grow up  lol

TOP day!

#509-04-2011 21:22:14

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D


Who the feck wants to grow up ???

I'm gonna be like my Uncle - he's 90 and got thrown out of Asda a few months ago for riding on the shopping trolleys !


#609-04-2011 21:27:15

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

Good shout bob !

#709-04-2011 21:30:25

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

Icon - Post link Predictable Bob wrote:


Who the feck wants to grow up ???

I'm gonna be like my Uncle - he's 90 and got thrown out of Asda a few months ago for riding on the shopping trolleys !

Fecking shopping trolleys!...he deserves to be thrown out... big_smile

#809-04-2011 21:46:34

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

It goes down then curves then around of to the rear and then burbles  roll

#909-04-2011 22:17:40

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D


I forgot to make a serious(?) comment ...

Abbott - the finest pint I've drunk so far was a pint of Abbott served in the Malt Shovel just up the road from Waverley Station in Edinburgh

Hobgoblin - 'What's the matter Lagerboy - frightened you might TASTE something ?' Says it all as far as I'm concerned !

Sports Direct - WTF's that got to do with decent beer ?

Tribute - excellent Cornish pint, did the brewery tour when we were in Snozzle but Jackie didn't have her lenses with her so it was just the one pint afterwards sad


#1009-04-2011 22:20:45

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

WADWORTH IPA ......About 8 pints downed tongue

#1109-04-2011 22:27:35

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D


Oddly enough I've never drunk their IPA - used to do a fair bit of 6X but sadly it's not the beer it used to be ...

I know this is a beer thread but I've got to confess that I'm currently drinking Asbach  whistle


#1209-04-2011 22:32:31

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

6x went down hill about 10 years ago ...........

ASBACH is ok but the vodka is calling from the freezer

#1309-04-2011 22:33:02

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

I dont remember what was in the sports direct glass - think it was Butcombe Bitter...

We were on 9 (3 rounds each) when we gave up cos biking was getting wobbly...

#1409-04-2011 22:43:19

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D


Apache's been going for the Butt ...

'nuff said !

The Smirnoff here has no particular pull for me BUT there's a bottle of Apfelkorn and a bottle of 80% Absinthe calling me - fortunately they haven't been in the freezer so I should be able to resist ...

The 12 year old Jamesons may be about to take a battering though !


#1510-04-2011 10:06:01

Re: Worcestr Way + beer :D

Wow! No hangover! big_smile

Just troughed a couple of sausage and egg Baps / barms, and feel raring to go!

Just shows you doesn't it? Real ale and fresh air. No added chemical shite!

Though Vicki punched me and made me remove the 'delightful' (?) Ms Price.  whistle
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