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#110-04-2011 19:51:01

PIR lights/ solar/ LED any better way?

Evening all
I want to put a security light to cover my back garden and am wondering about different options.

I want it  to be motion sensitive and ideally with a switch to turn it on from inside or via remote.

Obviously doing it properly and getting a sparky to fit one off the mains would be best but having just decorated and all those sorts of shenanigans I would rather not if I can avoid it. The fuse box is at the front of the house so it will need to have wires run through the living room thats just been done, thats unless I can take the power off the ring main for the back bedroom (not sure if this is considered safe with modern leccy regs?)

I've seen the solar charged, PIR lights you can get in Maplins but from what I've read, once they;ve been switched on a few times, the battery dies and they are rubbish LED's anyway and will struggle to light even a small garden.

My maglite with the LED conversion will light up a decent area and draws very little power so I'm tempted to try and swap the reflector and LED from a maglite for the LEDs on the maplin jobbie and see if that works (I think one of the maplin ones uses rechargable C-cells so should be OK) .

Any thoughts?

#210-04-2011 20:34:41

Re: PIR lights/ solar/ LED any better way?

Not totally on topic, but we're in the process of fitting a security light out the back of the house.  The one we are going to fit is about £90 from ScrewFix and records video, to an SD card, when it's switched on.  May be worth sticking on your list?

#310-04-2011 20:43:56

Re: PIR lights/ solar/ LED any better way?

if you want a PIR with remote, look into STEINL pirs, they are decent german jobbies, i have put in 2 or 3 of those flood lights your on about andy, and the one i had have sound as well, and are linked to either a portable monitor or to your tv... they change your channel when there is motion picked up on the camera so you can see who is coming up....

here's an example of a steinl led jobbie....

camera jobbie
another linky....

#410-04-2011 20:44:39

Re: PIR lights/ solar/ LED any better way?

It'd be easy enough to tap into the lighting ring and drill in/out through the wall at upstairs floor joist level, or else connect into the upstairs lighting circuit in the loft and drop the cable(s) out through the soffit.

#510-04-2011 21:16:19

Re: PIR lights/ solar/ LED any better way?

Andy and Bob. Thanks for those. Hmm... more gadgetty gadgets that I didn't even know existed. big_smile  Sounds good, I'll think on them.

Matt, thanks for the thoughts. Hadn't thought of using the lighting ring. Any idea whether it meets new leccy regs? - my house is shared ownership so I have to be squeaky.

Cheers all  smile

#610-04-2011 22:38:45

Re: PIR lights/ solar/ LED any better way?

You'll need to collar a sparky to check on the regs specifics, but a fused spur off the main ring, (whether it be the lighting or sockets ring), is perfectly sound, provided you don't overload the circuit you're connecting to or your spur. Only thing is whether some anal retard has written a reg to screw that idea, for which you'll need to check with a sparky.

#710-04-2011 23:46:58

Re: PIR lights/ solar/ LED any better way?

isnt BPS over on the other side a uk sparks???

over here in Eire what matt suggested is correct but i would take your spur off the socket ring as opposed to lighting ring, and fuse your spur accordingly...

bearing in mind roughly 5amps per kilowatt, give or take...

so a 500watt halogen wired in in 2.5sq cable will be adequate to the spur, and then in 1.0sq flex to your halogen....

#811-04-2011 14:32:41

Re: PIR lights/ solar/ LED any better way?

Need to check if part p is still in place (I has heard dumped they were going to remove it). Part p restricts electrical work that can be done, and external lighting would come under it.
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