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#122-09-2011 19:14:16

i got me a dog

i know i said no more pets
i made it clear to my self iam haveing no more pets
but i have got me another dog
an amrican bulldog cross shar pie (spelling cant be right)
i have to choise of 9 pups iam stuck between a fat nected male thats stiped like a tiger
or a pure black male

just thought i would tell thee whistle

#222-09-2011 19:17:00

Re: i got me a dog

striped male for me george

#322-09-2011 19:18:57

Re: i got me a dog

tiz me
they are only 3 weeks old and the tiger one came up and bite me with a little shake and growle
i like that one me self big_smile
i see if i have a picture

#422-09-2011 19:21:43

Re: i got me a dog

will it be ok in a caravan then?  smile

#522-09-2011 19:22:39

Re: i got me a dog

its got its own big_smile

its grandad is a big lad 22 stone winner of shows and all that stuff
the shar pie are the tall ones
so i hope they are going to be big dogs big_smile

i'll get some pics

#624-09-2011 17:19:38

Re: i got me a dog

this is him

he is only 4 weeks so he is like haveing a baby atm
he has been trying to eat his mother so i took it early for her good

#724-09-2011 17:31:18

Re: i got me a dog

He's a bonnie little bugger.

#824-09-2011 17:32:57

Re: i got me a dog

he bites barks and growles at the guy over the road too big_smile

#906-11-2011 21:50:35

Re: i got me a dog

look at him now

his growth rate is unreal

i got him that grey bear behind him the day after i got him he was more or less the same size has that bear
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