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#106-11-2011 12:29:01

sloe berrys

i got about 5 kg of em big_smile
iam useing the same has last year 1 pint of red wine half pint wiskey toped up with vodka (around 4ltr) mmmmm 4ltr

and half of kg of suger
i may even chuck in some friut cake just for strenth lol

#206-11-2011 13:29:28

Re: sloe berrys

That is one weird mix

#306-11-2011 13:46:59

Re: sloe berrys

One weird person making it!  big_smile

#406-11-2011 13:49:09

Re: sloe berrys

By the sound of that mixture......  Don't fart near naked flames  or you'll end up with a crater bigger than the one in Matt's back yard yikes

#506-11-2011 14:01:04

Re: sloe berrys

thanks guys
its a good mix big_smile

#606-11-2011 14:32:31

Re: sloe berrys

Where's the gin?

#706-11-2011 14:42:32

Re: sloe berrys

no gin
i dont like demons lol  lol

#806-11-2011 14:57:15

Re: sloe berrys

Icon - Post link JUDWAK wrote:

no gin
i dont like demons lol  lol
The demons are in your head George.... whistle .... lol

#906-11-2011 15:17:08

Re: sloe berrys

well theres space to play with in there for em big_smile

#1013-11-2011 15:49:35

Re: sloe berrys

got mi berrys out of the freezer

put in the wiskey and red wine half a bottle of jamesons a bottle of red from 2004 and that other stuff i use to cook with so i chucked that in for good meaure
then its all mixed up with lots of suger and mixed fruite
i now leave it alone for 2 days then i top it up half way with vodka and give it away at chirstmas  tongue
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