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#110-11-2011 00:02:19

Don't seemingly simple jobs take ages

Spent almost two hours making just three grub screws. Started making a new set of grub/set screws for the saddle and slides gib strips on this Warwick earlier. Eleven 2BA brass bolts later, finally have a new set of seven slotted grub screws and four set screws sorted, rather than the mismatch of lengths and types that were there before. Can always tell when something has been previously owned by an engineer. big_smile

It's coming on nicely now though. Resisted the usual urge to do a full strip down, and have just gone for a clean up and fettle it to get it back into proper working order approach with this one. Some slight wear, obviously, with a machine of this age, but nothing detrimental to it's general abilities.

Does seem quite sobering working on/with something when you know that it's only ever had one previous owner, and that he had it from new, from being an apprentice, up until the moment he passed on.

#210-11-2011 10:18:24

Re: Don't seemingly simple jobs take ages

#310-11-2011 11:29:04

Re: Don't seemingly simple jobs take ages

Icon - Post link flounderbout wrote:

But that's the easy/sensible way of doing it. When has Matt ever done things that way??  devilish  devilish

PS it would have meant that Matt would have had to....................................wait for it...............................................spend money yikes  yikes
  rofl  rofl  rofl

#410-11-2011 12:16:10

Re: Don't seemingly simple jobs take ages

As we type, he is probably etching his reply on a piece of stone which he will then photograph using a pin hole camera made from shoe boxes and then scan it in to his computer...

#510-11-2011 13:27:52

Re: Don't seemingly simple jobs take ages

No worries for a bit, he's probably still shaking and having cold sweats at the thought   devilish   whistle  whistle

#610-11-2011 15:21:34

Re: Don't seemingly simple jobs take ages

I'm bally well not parting with cash when I have the abilities, equipment and raw goods already to hand to sort it. Bloody heathens. big_smile big_smile Besides, brass looks so much nicer than steel, which is probably all I'd have been able to get the grub screws in. big_smile
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