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#115-11-2011 21:48:43


To be with you idiot bunch of tossers.....at least sometimes you act like grown up's..but most of the time you are feckers. That works well enough for me.

I'm just about to get banned from another forum...just working out how to do it in style and piss the arseholes off..

#215-11-2011 22:01:51

Re: Happy

I'm guessing someone has pissed you off? big_smile big_smile Do tell. big_smile

#315-11-2011 22:07:06

Re: Happy

Oooh...finally being shown the door, from the "my little pony" site then Kev.  big_smile

#415-11-2011 22:07:59

Re: Happy

Come on Kev..........Spill the beans..... cool .......

#515-11-2011 22:16:17

Re: Happy

Something and nothing really...but that's how these things start. I made a jokey comment and it must had been the wrong time of the month as this silly bitch took offence and the guy who is knobing her waded in with "oh she is upset...have some consideration...that's after she called me a tosser (fair comment I know) so then I said a few things...like you do.. whistle 

So that's it I'm selling all my little pony collection...anyone want to make me an offer?

#615-11-2011 22:26:28

Re: Happy

can we see the thread... point and laugh and maybe ridicule them some....

#716-11-2011 12:57:59

Re: Happy


Wot Bob said !


#816-11-2011 16:49:28

Re: Happy

Well bugger me...the silly bitch and her feck buddy backed off and the mods did nothing so it all died just as I got going.. sad ...so not much to see guys.. Really thought it was going to kick off.

Your all still tossers though... lol....which is a good thing..  tongue

#916-11-2011 17:09:11

Re: Happy

Glad it's subsided you old bugga :-)

Still shaving your palms ?  whistle

#1016-11-2011 18:36:31

Re: Happy

That'll be the Fiat forum then?  lol

There's no place for women on car forums!

#1116-11-2011 19:06:52

Re: Happy

lol ... Hang on what about Mrs Thrifty next door??

Yeah...it was all handbags. Sorry to raise your hopes...

While your there, my centre interior led light is flickering...makes a good disco, but is sending people into fits.. lol ..anything I should check?? It seems the middle row is going on and off..then open the door and it all flickers..

#1216-11-2011 19:27:42

Re: Happy

Icon - Post link Tonka wrote:

my centre interior led light is flickering...makes a good disco, but is sending people into fits.. lol ..anything I should check??
You could check that you satisfy the H&S hitlers, make sure you have a prominent warning about the flashing  lol and make sure you are careful doing the zip up !!!  rofl

#1316-11-2011 20:52:14

Re: Happy

Tonka, yes, take it out and clean the switch contacts. The centre one is ,well, shit bit of tat to be polite. The switch is a bit of moulded plastic and the contacts are exposed to the elements. A bit of switch cleaner will do it.

#1416-11-2011 23:01:39

Re: Happy

No probs....a job for tomorrow...cheers.
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