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#119-11-2011 01:11:18

Banging headache

Two weeks on and off.

Ahh, beer, the great painkiller

#219-11-2011 08:09:55

Re: Banging headache

A two week headache...that's a bit of a long time Andy.

#319-11-2011 09:22:00

Re: Banging headache

Stress Gra. It comes and goes. Mum's been in and out of hospital for a bit, I've been up and down the M6 every five minutes trying to balance work, home and sick parents.

#419-11-2011 13:45:52

Re: Banging headache

Shit...sorry to hear that mate. Hope your Ma improves, and the beer sounds like a plan.

#522-11-2011 07:58:17

Re: Banging headache

Thanks Gra. Mum's out of hospital now - hopefully for a while. Was looking forward to a weekend off this w/e - up pops an urgent job requiring shift work Saturday and Sunday! Ah well, money useful for Xmas!

#622-11-2011 12:18:42

Re: Banging headache

Good news.


#722-11-2011 17:08:07

Re: Banging headache

Good news indeed... smile

#822-11-2011 18:50:38

Re: Banging headache

Great news about your Mom and O/T is always useful especially at this time of the year  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

#923-11-2011 08:30:25

Re: Banging headache

Glad to hear your mum's back home. smile

#1029-11-2011 19:30:34

Re: Banging headache

Hey stranger. Hope your moms ok an your heads better.

#1130-11-2011 21:19:05

Re: Banging headache

Thanks for the kind thoughts folks. Mum's home, long recovery ahead, but care package in place so hopefully positive!

This weekend will be my first weekend home when I don't have to work or go charging off somewhere in about... jeez, I don't know! I is gonna get 'ammered!!!!  lol  devilish

Hey Bibs, how come your location is Hough Green on Facebook? That's near Widnes, thought you were near Chester.

#1230-11-2011 21:42:30

Re: Banging headache

Glad to hear she's on the mend. It's just outside Chester but I don't live there so god knows why my phone thinks I do  hmm

#1303-12-2011 01:02:24

Re: Banging headache

Icon - Post link Apache wrote:

Tjeez, I don't know! I is gonna get 'ammered!!!!  lol  devilish
Andt Idifd big_smile

I gtta gto work for 9 omortow too, on;y to let some folk in, thner back t bed and ouy again tonoight -

#1403-12-2011 01:19:56

Re: Banging headache

It's been a fair old while since you were that blathered. big_smile big_smile

#1504-12-2011 00:38:42

Re: Banging headache

Mmmm... I was fair mullered. I'm fair mullered again tonight, but not quite as fair as I'm far too full of curry.

Back into work tomorrow morn! No rest for the workers.

#1604-12-2011 11:25:23

Re: Banging headache

HOW'S YOUR HEAD THIS MORNING devilish  devilish

#1704-12-2011 16:21:28

Re: Banging headache

Oddly enough I was fine this morning, and in work by 08:45 (and home again by 09:30)  big_smile

(Only went in to open up for some contractors).
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