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#103-12-2011 22:05:58

Compressor pressure relief valves

Do we have some weird name for these things across here or something?


Whether looking for either fixed or adjustable pressure, I'll be damned if I can ever find anything listed in the UK other than the one shot safety valves.

#203-12-2011 22:17:29

Re: Compressor pressure relief valves

What the hell will you be using 250psi for?

Thats the working pressure of a steam locomotives' boiler isn't it?

#303-12-2011 22:39:16

Re: Compressor pressure relief valves

That's not the specific pressure I'm after. big_smile It was merely the first example of type I could find without trudging through pages of plumbing fittings and the like. Even better would be those old variable types they used to use, with a knurled adjuster head and the four holes around the top.

#405-12-2011 20:24:19

Re: Compressor pressure relief valves

#505-12-2011 21:06:53

Re: Compressor pressure relief valves

Nope. big_smile Regulators, I'm sorted. It's purely pressure relief valves I'm having trouble finding. Got to be brass and preferably old to boot. big_smile
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