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#105-12-2011 19:24:09

Talking of meltdowns...

You thought next door was the place for meltdowns?!  lol


#205-12-2011 19:40:47

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

So, is it still for sale then?  hmm

#305-12-2011 19:41:32

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

He's now looking through the target of his anger's threads and badmouthing him in all of them. I feel a ban is imminent - hope not though, this dickhead has mileage yet. Hope he owns a Surf...  lol

#405-12-2011 20:02:58

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

I'd love to know how those type of people deal with day to day life. big_smile

#505-12-2011 20:09:48

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

It's funny though isn't it? Every forum has one from time to time. None of them can punctuate, and all of them resort to insults as soon as things stop going their way. I wonder if Lukenenemabreakdowntruck is a member of every forum out there.

#605-12-2011 20:12:35

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

...And.... he's....

GONE!  lol

#705-12-2011 20:12:58

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

i can't view it sad

can any one explain to the non-viewers?

#805-12-2011 20:34:48

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

He's been binned and the threads deleted.

He impoded and started ripping into a scottish chap, then all scots, then everyone. In capitals. With no punctuation. And bad spelling.

#905-12-2011 20:46:04

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

Late to the party as ever, so off to see what's going on in the world of lukeandenema.

I noticed he had a rant at 4.00am the other day.

#1005-12-2011 21:08:40

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

Who's this 4:00 am bloke then?  hmm

#1105-12-2011 23:09:54

Re: Talking of meltdowns...

Icon - Post link meooo wrote:

Who's this 4:00 am bloke then?  hmm
Luke...post 35..

He has not been back since..

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