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#119-12-2011 14:05:37

Another Paypal question

How long a time period does one have to file a dispute with Paypal from the date payment is made? Just checking incase I need to start one, though hopefully not, and Paypal's site is useless as per usual with regards to finding the specific information one requires.

#219-12-2011 15:15:11

Re: Another Paypal question

It depends on the case are you in contact with the other party? Has communication broken down?When did the transaction take place and What was the delivery???

#319-12-2011 15:17:42

Re: Another Paypal question

10 or 14  days from the sale date if I remeber.

#419-12-2011 17:45:21

Re: Another Paypal question


Hoping it is a genuine mistake,I had won something via a second chance offer?  but must of had a brainfart as it totally slipped past my inbox ,contacted the seller and all is good now.

#519-12-2011 20:26:32

Re: Another Paypal question

Ordered a couple of bits for someone last month, (24th), and the seller has supposedly sent the original order and a replacement, neither of which have arrived. It appears to be an asian seller purporting to be based in the UK, judging by the correspondence I've had with them. Anyhows, ordered the bits from somewhere else now and dropped the original seller a note to let them know I'm wanting the amount refunding, but just wanted to check regarding the Paypal situation in case they decide to play silly buggers.

#619-12-2011 20:28:57

Re: Another Paypal question


Matt, IIRC you have to lodge a dispute within 30 days - if you miss the deadline they'll do feck all for you !

Then again it's eBlag so they'll probably do bugger all anyway ...


#719-12-2011 20:55:37

Re: Another Paypal question

I should be within then, by the sounds of it. I assumed a 28 day limit, to be on the safe side.
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