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#117-01-2012 09:43:31

Cold grawnching noise

I know i posted it over there but that was just for fun........

Its done this before but only does it in the cold, when i pull away i get a terrible grawnching type
noise as if somethings binding due to it getting cold and contracting.

It only happens for a few feet then all frees up and we roll along nicely.
Haven't been able to trace it cus it only seems to do it once a day when real cold and i just jump in and go.....

Surely in the cold a hole gets bigger and a shaft gets smaller reducing tolerances and more likely to cause rattle like all
the plastic bits in the cab do......

Also in the cold i get the feeling of having 4 flat spots on me tyres giving a slightly wierd bumpy ride for the first 50 yards....
As if the weight of the truck flattens the bottom of the tyres till they do a few revs and round them selves out...

#217-01-2012 12:10:53

Re: Cold grawnching noise

Do you use the hand brake when parked up?

#317-01-2012 12:22:55

Re: Cold grawnching noise

Yep, but the sound seems to be from the front.......

#417-01-2012 15:26:05

Re: Cold grawnching noise

May be a sticking front pad or a uj joint failing

#517-01-2012 18:56:22

Re: Cold grawnching noise

ADD working properly?

#618-01-2012 08:36:28

Re: Cold grawnching noise

ADD seems to work fine or it was at the weekend......

Never any trouble until the temp drops.....

Left it in Park last night only to find it went mild overnight......

Next time i go to pull away and it does it i am gunna get the jack out on each wheel and see if i can trace it....

It only does it occasionally but it makes you think your'e doing harm to something thats gunna break later on when you don't want it to......

#718-01-2012 12:47:21

Re: Cold grawnching noise


I get a graunching noise in the cold but only when I park the Surf after driving it for a while, it happens as I get out after switching off ...

It took me a while but I eventually tracked it down to my back as it's knackered and the seats are pretty much crap !


#818-01-2012 19:51:58

Re: Cold grawnching noise

Tyres do 'flat spot' over night, normally the bigger you go the more noticable it is.

If you trucks a manual the noise might be clutch related, but usually UJ's or CV's.

Check all your diff and gearbox fluids.

#919-01-2012 09:14:14

Re: Cold grawnching noise

"but usually UJ's or CV's" that would suprise me that the cold would cause either to bind considering they are full of grease....
Did all CV boots last year and repacked with grease cus they split and did the UJ's when i added the front ball joint grease nipples.....

Just waiting for it to do it again and get me jack out, in the mean time been parking with handbrake off......

#1019-01-2012 15:27:52

Re: Cold grawnching noise

Check front pads to make sure they aren't sticking, check the discs for any rust spots (caused by wet weather and pad stcking to surface) check calipers aren't siezed. Would suggest doing similar to the rears but you're sure its the front?

#1119-01-2012 15:36:52

Re: Cold grawnching noise

Icon - Post link Paul1566 wrote:

Yep, but the sound seems to be from the front.......
You didn't say that the noise was coming from the front when you posted next door. That's why I suggested the hand brake.

#1219-01-2012 15:54:56

Re: Cold grawnching noise

"You didn't say that the noise was coming from the front when you posted next door. That's why I suggested the hand brake."

well i did say i posted it over just for fun........ i get sensible answers over here   big_smile     sometimes....

All comments are duly noted and will be investigated in due course....... cock still in cheesey work mode......

I thank you all and bid you good morrow.....what ever that means.

ps. i fell like your avatar at the moment so going home to lift my chin and smoke fags

#1319-01-2012 18:48:14

Re: Cold grawnching noise

Older pickups and 3rd Gens Suffer from the handbrake linkage seizing overnight where the pivot arm goes through the back plate, so when you first pull away in the morning the rear brakes drag, then free off after a bit as things get moving.

2nd Gens don't have this type of set up, but check the handbrake linkage and cables in case it could something similar.

#1419-01-2012 20:30:42

Re: Cold grawnching noise

Icon - Post link Paul1566 wrote:

cock still cheesey......
Too much info dude. devilish

#1520-01-2012 08:43:33

Re: Cold grawnching noise

Ah Tony, would not have thought of the right angle arms down on the chassis sticking and holding the rear brake on....
will get me pot of grease out after i've washed the cheese off me cock and give it a good smearing......
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