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#131-01-2012 22:38:02

fuel economy question

hi guys, just asking to see if my fuel economy is ok on my 2.4 surf.

few details, i have blocked off the egr pipe to stop smoke, recently rebuilt the fuel pump as the seal on the engine side blew, changed the cambelt and tensioners.

i am running all standard transmission with 31x10.50r15 BFGoodrich mud terrain tyres.

right, if i fill the tank from empty is about £85 plus or minus £1 with thhe diesel being roughly 140p. i will get at best 450km per full tank and i cannot for the life of me do better, but whats annoying me is that if i drive at higher revs and acellerate harder to get up to speed and up hills etc i get about 430km per tank.

so its not work driving steadier really as it takes for ever!

is this fuel economy right? i know the tyres made it worse, but before them it was at 480-500km per full tank.

p.s i cant buy a 3.0, i would love to but cant get affordable insurance.


#231-01-2012 22:41:12

Re: fuel economy question

Yes.  This is about correct. Fuel economy on a surf is not a reason to buy one.

#331-01-2012 22:45:17

Re: fuel economy question

thats good then i can live with it.
its would only be a problem to me if it was bad but if its normal then im happy, and theres no way im removing the tyres, they look cool enough to lose 50km

#431-01-2012 23:01:05

Re: fuel economy question

Until you get to the point where you're crying like a girl each time you visit the fuel pump, that's about normal consumption. big_smile I've done shedloads of alterations on mine, and absolutely bugger all makes bugger all difference. Long trips on dual carriageways and motorways, you'll get semi-decent consumption. Add a passenger or anything, (Gert didn't find it amusing when I suggested, last week, that she was ballsing my fuel economy by coming with me on my tat runs big_smile), and it goes tits up again.

#531-01-2012 23:27:50

Re: fuel economy question

Oh...you and Gert are back on speaking terms now...are the spuds still like two tins of fussells milk?

#631-01-2012 23:35:31

Re: fuel economy question

Almost. big_smile On a deviation on that point, stopped smoking on Sunday afternoon. Went for two days without a single drag, and started again today. Why? I've got to spend several hours in the Surf with her tomorrow. Screw that. She'd have been rolling down the dual carriageway within five miles if I hadn't gone back on the fags. big_smile Talk about ready to kill each other, these last couple of days. I've obviously been slightly more cranky than usual, and she seems to have been far more annoying than usual. big_smile

#731-01-2012 23:42:21

Re: fuel economy question

Hehe...the Barnsley wallis bouncing bomb springs to mind!  big_smile

#801-02-2012 00:17:15

Re: fuel economy question

big_smile Fortunately, I know my limitations and shortcomings, and patience and understanding in the face of adversity when I'm gagging for a fag ain't one of them. big_smile

Off to pick up a nice little radiator for the bathroom tomorrow. The one we have in there at the moment is just an old single depth, bog standard council jobbie, which is on its last legs. Managed to get one of those brass, (effect?), towel radiators with the little cast iron style radiator in the middle of a pipework frame. Thought it would look better than just popping a standard radiator in there, but those things cost a small fortune new.

This is the beastie:


#901-02-2012 03:56:30

Re: fuel economy question

450km per tank? 
If I get 250 I throw a party  lol

#1001-02-2012 06:55:17

Re: fuel economy question

At the taxpayers expense!  big_smile

#1101-02-2012 19:01:37

Re: fuel economy question

lol  lol  lol

Icon - Post link gwh200 wrote:

At the taxpayers expense!  big_smile

#1211-02-2012 16:13:23

Re: fuel economy question

based on the figures i gave, what is my mpg?

#1311-02-2012 16:56:56

Re: fuel economy question

Around 21
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