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#107-02-2012 19:27:48


Could someone tell him that if there's owt around my way he needs picking up, I can collect and store 'til someone's passing.

#207-02-2012 19:40:27

Re: Popeye


#307-02-2012 21:42:25

Re: Popeye

Cheers. thumbs

#407-02-2012 21:49:38

Re: Popeye

Ian says thanks, and he'll let you know if anything needs picking up

#508-02-2012 19:40:04

Re: Popeye

Hi Matt, got the word! thanks i appreicieate it, i am watching a winch in west yorkshire but thinking about it its a 3000kg one and i'm thinking if i do have to go for one i might as well get a larger one (13000kg or similar) this cheapo tiddley wink  one is rated at 2000kg and even with a triple pull on the wire it straining a bit (especially when i had a go) whistle always fancy'd fitting a winch so this may be just the excuse i need, how does this sort of thing sound? "but dear! it's still cheaper than selling the truck and buying a car!, after all  i wont get a lot for the truck" devil
seriously tho if i ever do sell the truck i can always sell the winch, they go pretty quick,
anyway Matt, if owt does req collecting from up your way i'll give you a call,

Vince kindly sent me a tempory password for here, sorry i aint been on of late, makeing and remaking this bl00dy step is doing my head in, been at it since just after christmas,  third f##king time i've re-thought the metalwork, first attempt i used some heavy duty ball bearing runners fitted verticlally, first time i lowered myself and stepped off one soddin exploded shooting bearing all over the shop, secont fitting i used 30mmx5mm  flat bar for the piviting arms, too flimsey, missis almost shat on her first go, it was tilting and rocking, she was hanging onto me with a death grip lol talk about funny, laughed and that made her worse, third go at it comeing up and if that fails i'll give the f##ker a viking funeral big_smile
cheers mate and a big thanks to you and to Vince, (and Growler for passing the message) wink

#608-02-2012 20:32:11

Re: Popeye

You're welcome Ian. Just let me know if there's owt you need picking up, or if there are any bits I might have which could be useful for you. smile

Have you got any pics of the current setup? Might be worth posting one or two, to see if anyone has suggestions as to what might help on the design.

#709-02-2012 10:00:23

Re: Popeye

I did take some of the first attempt, i will take some of the next go at it, basicly what i've done is make up two angle iron brackets that bolt to both sides of the chassis (like the tramsmission cross member) to these are fitted two bars pivoted on the cross members and the step is fitted to the outer ends (passenger front door side) the small winch is bolted to the floor under the near side rear seat and the cable runs throught several pullys before going through a hole i cut just above the center of the step, it runs through a single pully fitted to the step and back up through the hole and is anchored there, i believe this gives the winch a tripple pull which according to my son in law who is a boat rigger which should  ease the load on the winch quite a bit, the step is also pushed out by an air ram (and back in again) so it aint sticking out all the time, but my comp i got from Mark ages ago aint pumping for some reason but thats another prob,
now all this works fine, the only problem now is stability and lack of confidence in the cheap winch, next step is to replace the flat bar lifting arms with 40mm angle (should make it a little more ridged) plus some additional cross braces,
the trouble with this idea is the step is held up by the winch cable which is connected to the center of a bar fitted to the step, so it can pivot from side to side and with the flat bar can also move to some extent sideways, just makes the step feel unsteady, replaceing the bar with angle will make it less prone to moveing sideways and i hope the cross braceing will help stop the rocking,
adding these additional brace's is just adding to the the weight the winch has to cope with and i aint confident with it to start with hence my thinking about a full size winch, i could fit it on the front like normaly done and run the cable down and under the front and to the step lifting point all via fixed pulleys, that way i'd have a dual purpose winch for the step and for what they are useually used for (ya never know) lol
of course before we shell out on a winch i have to make sure the step and  pivoting metalwork is gonna perform as it should, anyway i'll take some pics over the next couple of weeks when it should be more or less done, cheer's Matt.

#809-02-2012 10:07:06

Re: Popeye

Does it have to be a moving platform for helping the wife get in? Would she be able to cope with climbing up a step or two, (not sure how mobile she is)?

#909-02-2012 16:14:09

Re: Popeye

Thats the problem she's very bad on stairs or steps, her hips are going and while she can eventually got up some stairs it takes ages and is very painfull, thats why i just wanted to make it as easy as possible regarding the truck, we have been out today and it does work, as long as she positions herself (by firmly grabbing the sideboard  lol ) central on the step and can hang on to me  it lifts her up till she can get her bum on the seat, then a little further up and she can just swing her legs in, so the idea is sound i think, she actually did the lift herself while i stood by just incase,
i reccon with a firmer swinging arm set up it'll be fine,
put out some "tentitive" remarks about a big winch and it's lookin good, i'd certainly feel a bit more safer with a bigger one whistle
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