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#114-02-2012 19:27:26

lifting surfs

hi guys, i have wanted to lift my surf for a while now, only a small lift by and inch or two. i have heard that it will ruin ball joints and other suspension components, is this true?

what is needed to properly lift a surf without it causing harm? the only lift i have at the minuite are 31x10.50r15 tyres which look cool and did lift it a bit. just fancy doing it.

what advice can you give and what are your opinions?

#214-02-2012 19:47:21

Re: lifting surfs

Do a body lift.

#314-02-2012 20:02:22

Re: lifting surfs

is this ok to do? is it the suspension lift kit that ruins cv joints?

#414-02-2012 20:04:20

Re: lifting surfs

The ball joints are only a issue if you go too high....

#514-02-2012 20:16:05

Re: lifting surfs

was thinking 2 inch. does it eat ball joints?

where can i get a body lift kit from?

#614-02-2012 20:43:16

Re: lifting surfs

ok i have decided on body lift, they seem pretty cheap, will prob go for 2inch. but what will need modding to survive in the long run, i.e pipes hoses linkages?

#715-02-2012 07:50:44

Re: lifting surfs

Talk to Tony (4x4toys ) for a body lift ..... there are others available.

#815-02-2012 09:03:21

Re: lifting surfs

You rang?


TBH, I would forget about a body lift just for what you want. Get some +2" rear coils and tweak the front 1", then the wheels won't look lost in the arches and yor get a much nicer ride than just lifting the whole truck 2" without uprating the suspension to allow for the higher center of gravity.

(Not much of a salesman am I?  big_smile  But I am honest, which is more important to me)


#915-02-2012 15:25:54

Re: lifting surfs

when you say tweak the fronts do you mean on the torsion bars? at the moment the wheels look oversized for standard ride height. how do you go about doing it on the torsion bars, and the reason in wanting the body lift was so that it dosent eat front cv joints.

i have now seen you can get a 1 inch body lift too, which i like the sound of. just so it looks a bit different than others.

#1015-02-2012 18:29:26

Re: lifting surfs

You can, but you're still not actually improving anything, you've probably got saggy rear springs anyway, uprated rear coils transform how a Surf goes round corners, and tows/carry weight in the back.

Adjusting the front torsion bars 1" won't effect the CV's much, if at all.

Body lifts just make a sloppy handling truck sloppier.

Adjusting the Torsion bars is free, rear coils are cheaper/as cheap as a body lift, and far easier to fit.

Less effort and less money, what more do you want?

#1115-02-2012 18:46:57

Re: lifting surfs

There is always the option of manual locking front hubs ..... and they help slightly with mpg as well .....BUT they are a bugger to put in when stuck and you forgot to lock them whistle
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