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#117-02-2012 13:45:15

rear window issue on surf

hi, yes another problem that needs sorting, i have been putting up with it but now decided i want it sorted and this is the place to ask.

here goes: the rear window works fine on the switch inside the car, but dosent and hasnt ever since i have owned it worked with the key in the tailgate. just want to know where to start.

there is a black screw on wiring loom going into the tail gate which looks normal but to the left of it there are 2 wires exposed, a yellow one and a black one and the go from the tailgate into the passenger side boot plastics and to where i do not know. (havent checked)

where shall i start and if poss can anyone post pics.


#217-02-2012 14:11:43

Re: rear window issue on surf

personally. i'd remove the door trim and have a look inside, then you can see where the wires originate and I assume there is some sort of micro switch on the tailgate lock barrell to operate the glass

#317-02-2012 16:02:32

Re: rear window issue on surf

was going to do that but wondered if anyone knew what these wires were and if all surfs are like this or just mine.

#417-02-2012 16:57:06

Re: rear window issue on surf

i have been researching on it as i was going to strip everything and refurb but, i have been reading that you need to play with the catches to get the window up while the tailgate is down, but mine works from the interior swtich regardless of tailgate position, is this right? is it likely that someone has rewired something due to the 2 wires out? really confused now, or could it be that the catches are stuck in the open position and this is why the key dont work??? AHHHHH

#517-02-2012 17:59:02

Re: rear window issue on surf

You shouldn't be able to raise the glass with the door down, under normal conditions. You'll just need to trace and fault find on the circuits and switches involved.

#617-02-2012 18:23:53

Re: rear window issue on surf

I think some one in the past has had a problem with the micro switches in the rear catches, and instead of sorting the problem, has shorted out the switches. So the car thinks that the window is in the up position all the time.

#717-02-2012 18:37:45

Re: rear window issue on surf

hmm, but if it goes up and down with the switch why not with the key. whats the first thing i should check?

#817-02-2012 19:02:36

Re: rear window issue on surf

At a guess..... the micro switches....

#917-02-2012 19:06:23

Re: rear window issue on surf

where are they what am i looking for? will they be stuck in position?

#1017-02-2012 19:13:31

Re: rear window issue on surf

Normally there are either of 2 problems.
1/ the relays behind the large panel in the boot space on the n/s
2/ the cable that goes to the tailgate at the bottom the wires inside that can break.

#1118-02-2012 18:12:20

Re: rear window issue on surf

which wires are these, is one of the 2 that are exposed(black one and yellow one) or a wire inside the plastic coating?

#1218-02-2012 19:43:05

Re: rear window issue on surf

Try taking the door card off and see where they go  whistle
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