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#128-02-2012 20:51:59

Dome lights

A simple option for ditching the standard bulbs:


#228-02-2012 21:07:58

Re: Dome lights

I ordered a few of these a couple of weeks ago, the 'bulbs' are adjustable to fit any of the interior lights. (the cargo area bulb is a different size)

#328-02-2012 23:23:09

Re: Dome lights

Good output?

#428-02-2012 23:41:34

Re: Dome lights

Dunno yet, they still haven't arrived. hmm

#528-02-2012 23:46:12

Re: Dome lights

That's a bugger. Not one of the HK suppliers, perchance?

#629-02-2012 06:41:16

Re: Dome lights

I have theses type (from halfords) in rear and centre,  they are absolutely brilliant compared to the old yellow candles they replaced and took about 2 minutes to install.


The front two are like the rest on that link, but i got the wrong length and had to adapt the holders. Not as bright but certainly better than standard.

#729-02-2012 07:30:54

Re: Dome lights

There good but not as much fun as spending a week of evenings soldering leds and then finding some dont work lol

#829-02-2012 07:56:16

Re: Dome lights

Masochist. big_smile

#929-02-2012 13:29:36

Re: Dome lights

do you guys know of any cheaper way that HIDs to brighten the toyota candle headlights?

#1029-02-2012 15:56:08

Re: Dome lights

Just uprating the feed wiring to the existing setup makes a notable difference, by all accounts.

#1129-02-2012 20:21:20

Re: Dome lights

Icon - Post link muddle wrote:

do you guys know of any cheaper way that HIDs to brighten the toyota candle headlights?
Fit Osram Nightbreakers - cheap as chips on eBlag

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