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#126-09-2012 21:25:02


Do you ever come over this side of the channel perchance, else have suggestions as to a decent Irish courier/postal service? Only a small package, but it looks like your couriers could make even Royal Mail weep. big_smile

#227-09-2012 22:53:12

Re: @BigBobE

what you trying to post to ireland or what do you need collected in ireland???

#328-09-2012 12:29:46

Re: @BigBobE

There's a chap over there, (Southern Ireland, I believe), has an original Drummond lathe faceplate he doesn't need any more. Not a particularly big or heavy thing, (it's a 5" cast iron faceplate and will probably weigh around one kilo, I'm guessing offhand), but it seems the price is a tad steep for posting it over this way. Not that I'm a tight arse mind, whistle but when the price of postage for one piece equates to roughly half of what you'd normally pay for a full machine, t'old Tyke behaviour kicks in. big_smile Hence, just wondered if you might know of any reasonably priced couriers, (not sure how your postal system works across there?), else if it might be possibly cheaper to send it to yours, then if you ever ventured across the water to just drop it into a Post Office on this side of the water.

Trying to build up a collection of just the ancillary bits for the lathes now, but my usual approach usually ends up with the full machine being purchased, and as you can likely guess, both the travelling required and the space they take up means I'm trying to be a tad more selective nowadays. big_smile Could barely squeeze another full machine in if I wanted to. big_smile

#405-10-2012 15:43:09

Re: @BigBobE

sorry matt on holidays at the moment and forgot about this... i post 2kg to spain last year and set me back about €20... if you want to get it sent to me thats no problem i will bung it in the post... i will be back on the 13th... just in lovely sunny Turkey at the minute... here is the postage rates

#515-10-2012 19:30:44

Re: @BigBobE

OI GGT.... i take it you dont need this anymore???

#615-10-2012 20:02:41

Re: @BigBobE

It's just postponed for the moment. smile Skint as shit at the moment, so non-essentials have been sidelined for the time being. big_smile
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