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#119-06-2016 05:36:22

Came second best with a HGV

A HGV decided that he wanted to be on the slip road I was on whilst I was there, thankfully I kept control of the car & folding camper, unfortunately the Lorry did a runner.
Damage to the unit was
offside rear - waistband, boiler cover & water inlet cover ripped off.
Offside front - waistband ripped off, front corner fibreglass damaged (with a hole) & dent in side panel.


Due to the age of the unit (16 years) the insurance company simply wrote it off. After some wrangling we bought it back and I completed the repairs for less than £200.


#219-06-2016 07:39:54

Re: Came second best with a HGV

You were bloody lucky there

Repairs look excellent

#319-06-2016 11:55:54

Re: Came second best with a HGV

Disappointed that the paint didn't match, but I'll probably cover that with a decal of some discription.

#419-06-2016 12:18:46

Re: Came second best with a HGV

That would have been a brown alert moment, repair does look good

#519-06-2016 15:53:57

Re: Came second best with a HGV

White is always a pain to match, that's why paint shops charge so much, often end up painting a whole front end, side or back end for what looks like a simple job
It's surprising how many subtle shades there are.

#619-06-2016 16:10:15

Re: Came second best with a HGV

Icon - Post link abecketts wrote:

That would have been a brown alert moment, repair does look good
Actually I did my best British Airline Pilot impression. My passenger asked (as car started snaking) "What's going on". To which I replied in a completely flat voice " we're being hit". It was much afterwards I realised how lucky we'd been. Thankfully folding campers have a low centre of gravity, if it had been a caravan it would have flipped. I also like to think that years of following Woodzie/Biohazard around Salisbury Plains have improved my car control.

#719-06-2016 16:13:12

Re: Came second best with a HGV

Speaking as someone who had had to drag Bio out of a field I'm not so sure the last part of your post stacks up......
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