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#110-04-2010 10:33:05

I give up

How the [ I wonder if the wife will... ] do you get the bastard bash plate off a 3rd gen?

#210-04-2010 11:24:59

Re: I give up

Dunno, I've never needed to, but I'll go and investigate now, back in a min........

I had a look and mine needs painting, but there's four bolts holding it on as far as I can see, two under neath at the back and two at the front facing forwards.

#310-04-2010 14:15:22

Re: I give up

Much the same as a 2nd gen then?

#410-04-2010 20:59:39

Re: I give up

Absolutely nothing like a 2nd gen then?

#511-04-2010 08:33:52

Re: I give up

More like a space shuttle

#611-04-2010 18:24:50

Re: I give up

Does anyone know if he got it off?

I've been worring about it all day. roll

#711-04-2010 18:43:45

Re: I give up

Don't worry about that great galoot vince.  big_smile

#811-04-2010 18:46:47

Re: I give up

What's a GALOOT..........

#911-04-2010 19:00:33

Re: I give up

Icon - Post link Bio Hazard wrote:

What's a GALOOT..........
Look in the mirror dear boy  big_smile

#1011-04-2010 19:53:45

Re: I give up

A galoot...same as a gullar. Like trev says look on the back of a spoon though. big_smile

#1118-04-2010 08:15:53

Re: I give up

Cheers for the replys.  There is also a little clip at the back of it - that had got stuck, so I couldn't get the damn thing off.  So - once off, I took out the old rad, and got ready to take the brackets off and attach them to the new rad and......horror.....our 3rd gen has (had) a 2nd gen rad in it......

So, Barry the God at Roughtrax sent me over the brackets I was missing (that oddly enough I can't find on his website) and hey presto 1 hr later, old rad out, new rad, top and bottom hoses and some lovely new coolant in.

And the bash plate has gone back on, with a modified clip at the back.
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