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#107-11-2010 16:34:19

village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

My son, who was banned recently, swapped his car for a Nissan sx200 turbo thing....

Its engine blew on the way home from Exeter, so it was off the road for a month whilst he re-built it...not at home but at our unit 10 miles away....

Got that sorted, used it for a week, then realised intercooler blown, so its parked up outside and I've been taking him to work and he gets bus home.

Local hobby bobby copper just rolled up outside,(we intercepted him at the top of the drive to keep him on the road) whilst intercooler was being fitted to inform us that he's been reported for "excessively loud exhaust"???

"We traced you by the reg number"   "No you didn't"  I said..."Oh yes we did, this car has been seen/reported with loud exhaust every morning up the road"...."I have the log book here...we haven't sent it off yet...the car hasn't been off the drive for two weeks, you got the wrong car/person"

This was ignored totally, and the outcome is he got a warning, they will cotact his insurance company tomorrow to see if its been declared (it has) and at the moment no further action will be taken. I know there are some new people just moved into the area and one of them has a visitor with a loud exhuast, but it seems as usual its an easy hit for the cuntstabulary AGAIN!!

#207-11-2010 16:49:00

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

any CCTV to back you up ?

#307-11-2010 17:40:42

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

nothing like that in the village trev....someone hears a loud car and the finger automatically gets pointed his way....village life is fine when kids are small, but not once they become teenagers and become independant. I think the local plod have got a campaign on at the moment, they pulled my other son in Newquay two weeks ago and Rich in Camborne about the same time....easy pickings and brownie points for them  mad  mad

#407-11-2010 17:46:34

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

I'd better stay away then whistle

#507-11-2010 17:50:50

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

if he is getting pulled like that then his car (maybe not him) has a marker on it
its a police turm for dodgy car pull it
i had one on a car i used to own
i was giving a lift to a friend every now and again to his mates i did this for weeks
i started to get pulled about once a week and i asked why i was told i had a marker for drugs
that mates house were i was dropping my mate at was a crack den
go anywere near ouw like that and your bound to get pulled
iam not saying your son is an arse or anything but it could be one of his friends is an under cover bother (not what he seems)
has it was for me
what may seem an inosent lift was not so inocent was it
i had no idea for about 2 years too
it could just be a marker on that car
think about it
you have a nosie twat down the road who reports to the plod its no reason for him to keep getting pulled

#607-11-2010 17:59:34

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

But they couldn't have traced him by the reg...its not in his name yet....some "nosey twat" must've given his name and address....in this case wrongly, but rather than accept he was wrong, plod does what plod does best and warned the wrong guy...rather than find out where the cause actually lies  mad  mad

#707-11-2010 18:01:25

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

Perhaps we should arrange a lexurf/Bio/lucifer get together on the village green  big_smile  big_smile

#807-11-2010 18:14:16

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

Only if i don't have to look at that bonnet ......then again i ain't tall enough to see it  lol

#907-11-2010 18:21:18

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

thats what iam saying
they will come out with any reason to look around and see who owns drives the car
just becarefull dude
i have had a car that was marked its not nice

#1007-11-2010 20:17:11

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!


George may well be right - some years ago my brother bought a Ford Zephyr (OK some DECADES ago !) and he used to get pulled at least once a week - eventually one of the coppers let him know that the previous owner was a local hood and he'd be better off getting rid of the motor !


#1107-11-2010 20:32:07

Re: village/play plod interfereing busy-bodies.....AGAIN!

I had the same thing with Lucifer last weekend.I was pulled and told to get extended arches fitted to the rear,get legal numberplates and to get the exhaust made quieter to make it legal.The coppers then out of the blue say that i haven't been grassed up.What a statement to come out with for no reason.
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