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#130-01-2012 20:31:44

Online Shopping

Probably been covered before so hopefully just a cautionary tale.....

Have just found out that what I thought would be a safe website to buy stuff from is FAR from safe.

Had a bit of trouble ordering from Dominos Friday night ,everything ok till we got to the card verification page "card declined" tried again as I just assumed my big fat fingers had splodged all over the wrong keys ,Mrs tried same result ."card declined"

Bit concerned now as Mrs had just been payed.
Got cash out from atm and paid for pizza with cash.

Saturday morning had an automated phone call from The Halifax noted down the number and phoned back,spoke to a human? in Fraud Prevention and was told that "they have had far too many issues with the online side of Dominos that now they automatically stop ALL cards from being used until that particular customer contacts them to authorise that payment"

Fraud prevention then went through and confirmed all our recent purchases before the stop on the cards was lifted.

So far be it that the little padlock telling you the site is secure , you have to watch out for the scamming feckers at the shops terminal were your card number and the three digit security number is shown!!!!.

Order online and paying for the pizza in cash at the door from now on.

#230-01-2012 22:40:17

Re: Online Shopping

Cheeky blighters

or cook it yourself I suppose

#331-01-2012 18:37:47

Re: Online Shopping

Me Sir? Cook Sir? No Sir!
Unless by cook you mean open freezer take out pizza box take pizza out of box slam pizza in oven and wait for the timer to count down.😚

#431-01-2012 19:15:34

Re: Online Shopping

There's another way?  hmm

#531-01-2012 19:59:20

Re: Online Shopping

Icon - Post link meooo wrote:

There's another way?  hmm
big_smile big_smile big_smile

#631-01-2012 20:07:09

Re: Online Shopping

you don't know what fun you are missing, look at Bio he's a great example of the positive benefits of his own cooking.... whistle ...should I rethink that?

#731-01-2012 20:11:28

Re: Online Shopping

But Bio doesn't have to pay for the gas he uses in his experiments  big_smile
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