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Toyota EPC Discs

Toyota EPC program & US area (I think) CD 1&2 zip files (250meg each) - http://www.yankeetoys.org/docs.htm

Note: Both the Japan and US area EPC disks are in English.

Engine Manuals & Technical Articles

1KZ-TE Engine manual (in English) in Adobe PDF format Approx. (14.5meg): 1KZ-TE Download

Tech articles and write-ups: Articles

Various marques workshop manuals: Workshop Manuals

Toyota workshop manuals: Toyota Manuals

What is the Toyota EPC?

The EPC data discs cover most Toyota models (not just Surfs) but will depend on what country area you have. Some features include:

  • Find basic model information.
  • Find parts by part number or keyword.
  • Exploded view part diagrams (clickable to identify parts/numbers).

The program is very useful to identify part numbers required and sometimes to see how things need to be taken apart or put back together (although the diagrams are often not at a high enough resolution to be useful in this capacity).




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