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Details of some modifications can be found in the workshop section, brief details of other modifications or work can be found below:


Removed wind deflectors

Personally, I thought the wind deflectors mounted on the front doors looked crap and I was not really sure what purpose they served (I mean, if you don't want wind then don't open your window).  

Fitted third brake light

As I was going to be carrying around my motorbike on the rear motorbike rack, I decided to fit a third high-level brake light (anything that may stop someone crashing into the back of my truck and my motorbike has to be worthwhile).

It's just screwed to the interior trim using the two self-tapping screws provided, with the wires going inside the rear trim to one of the rear light clusters. See Rear Trim Removal for details.


Alarm/immobiliser fitted

Obviously I want to keep hold of my new toy, so I got a thatcham approved category one alarm/immobilser fitted, which also operates the central locking via the alarm keyfob.

Fitted fire extinguisher

Just to be on the safe side I decided to fit a fire extinguisher in the cab. I spent ages trying to find somewhere to drill and mount the bracket but could not find anywhere suitable that was not going to go through the bodywork or into wires.

Then I found that the drivers seat has a bar going under the carpet, and although I could not drill into it becuase it was just a flat bar I could use a zip-tie to strap the bracket to the bar - so that's how it's fixed.


Fitted radio bracket

When messing around off road we all stay in contact using Motorola radios. In my last vehicle I was fed up with the radio flying around inside the cab so I decided to properly fit a bracket this time.

I could not find anywhere suitable higher up on the dash, so in the end decided to mount it on the centre console using two self-tapping screws.

I can just leave it there and press and speak from the driving position and it works fine - no need to unclip it or anything.


Motorbike Racks

Click for details: First Rack, Current Rack.

Spotlight Light Bar

Click for details.

New Wheels & Tyres

Click for details.

Fit second (leisure) battery & split charging relay

Click for details.

Rear Cargo Box

Click for details.

Exhaust Pipe Trimmed

The stock exhaust pipe was a bit too long and low and was just getting mangled when off-roading. I simply took a hacksaw and trimmed a bit off the end.


Maglite Mount

I bought some maglite mounting brackets and installed them under the front passenger seat. Unlike the drivers side, the floor here was more solid so I was able to drill and use self-tapping screws to mount the brackets.


Custom Grille Insert

I saw this on the YotaTech forums and thought I would give it a go to make my surf look a little bit different.

I bought a sheet of aluminium diamond mesh from B&Q (1000mm x 500mm) for £15, cut the centre out of the existing grille leaving a frame and then mounted the new mesh using a few small zip-ties that can barely be seen.


Stereo & Front Speakers

Click for details.

Additional Front Aux Power Socket

I did this to support my new GPS Navigation System - so I could still have an available aux power socket while using it.

I also connected the new aux power socket to the Leisure Battery so I could leave things connected or charging while the ignition was off.

I simply removed the lower centre panel (see Centre Dashboard Removal for details) and cut a hole in it to mount the new socket.

I also installed a switch (just visible below the stock cigarette lighter) that switches the stock lighter socket between the leisure battery and the main starter battery so I can choose where I take the power depending on what I am connecting.


PIAA Super LED Sidelights

Purely cosmetic this one - I really hated how yellow the sidelights looked, especially after I put in some brighter/whiter headlight bulbs, so I got some of these PIAA Super LED Sidelight bulbs. They are direct replacements for the normal 5W wedge bulb and come in various colours to suit the boy-racer crowd (I got the white ones). Not cheap but being LED's should last ages.

Sorry about the poor quality of the before/after photos - you can't really capture on film how the light looks but it does kind of show the difference in colour from the yellow of the halogen bulb to the white of the LED.


PIAA Silicone Windscreen Wipers

After having problems with other cheap brands of wipers (poor performance and needing replacing after not much use) I decided to get some PIAA Silicone Wipers.

They are quite expensive compared to other brands but in my view they are worth the money - they do exactly what they claim to do (even if it does sound like advertising hype) and they last a lot longer than any others I have used (not had to replace them yet) and you can even get replacement blades so you don't have to pay out for new wipers when they do need replacing.

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