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Article kindly supplied by Philip Heaviside.

I tested for the main beam switched under the steering column. It was a red with a Blue-green band on my car but it is always better to test.

I have fitted an illuminated switch so you know when the lamps are on. you can also isolate them when the covers are on. I have standard 55W lamps in at the moment but plan buy an extra set of higher wattage lamps to upgrade with when I am working in places like the Outer Hebrides and really need some extra light (I am also considering a light bar for that!!). The (Naff) covers will keep the police off your back when you have bigger lamps in them on the road.

I fitted an over rated (30A) fused relay to cover any upgrade, I also vastly over did it on the wire too. Better to spend a couple of quid now than have to use a fire extinguisher later.

I picked slim lamps to fit into the nudge bar and not risk sticking forward or back. (just in case they get knocked and hit the grille). I used the existing holes in the bar but 8mm holes were recommended.

I insulated all exposed connectors and used self vulcanizing rubber tape to waterproof the grommet into the lamps and bind the 2 wires together. It looks loads better tidied up.



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