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Upper Dashboard Removal

You may need need to remove the dashboard to replace any dashboard bulbs or access any of the dash wiring.

Tools/Equipment Needed

  • Cross-head & flat-bladed screwdrivers

Remove the two screws above the instrument cluster (A).

Note: (B) in the picture indicates the rubber bung covering the access hole for the timing-belt warning light. Some diesel models have this - to reset the warning light after changing the timing-belt, remove the cover (B) and insert a small screwdriver or pen to depress the small button below.


Remove the two screws below the dash (A).


Remove the ignition key surround - just prise it off carefully.


The upper dash surround should now be removable, but I did notice on my Surf this bracket (A) that was behind the heater controls which did not have a screw in it (I suspect it should have and if yours does you may need to remove the lower dash surround to get at it).

As you remove the upper dash surround you will need to reach behind and disconnect the wires from the hazard warning switch and the rear window heater switch (A), as well as the wires for any switches you may have on the other side such as fog light etc.  

Once the upper dash surround is removed you will see the screws holding the instrument cluster in place - remove these.

As you remove the dash you will need to reach around the back and disconnect the speedo cable (A) and the four main cable blocks (B).

I managed to do this by removing the air vent and reaching through the gap, if you cannot do this then you may need to remove the steering column surrounds and reach upwards from below.

Putting the dash back in place and re-connecting everything is a bit more tricky as the speedo cable does not have any slack - again reach around via the air vent gap or from below.

Here you can see the back of the instrument cluster - the various bulbs just clip in place.  

Here are the four types of bulbs that are used in the instrument cluster - Two sizes and some have a green plastic tint cover on them.

If you need to replace green bulbs but can't get replacements, it is possible to take the green cover off the old bulb and use that (if you are careful).



I have taken a lot of time to ensure the information above is correct, but please remember vehicle manufacturers make alterations and design changes during the production run of a vehicle. No liability can be accepted for loss, damage or injury caused by any errors in, or omissions from, the information given above.

If you think any information is incorrect, confusing, misleading or incomplete, please feel free to contact me.

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