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Tyre Deflators

In some conditions off-road you can get better grip and performance from having your tyres at a low-pressure, I usually deflate down to 15psi when purely off roading. I used to do this manually using a stick or a screwdriver or something but I thought that there must be an easier way. So I started looking for alternatives and came accross Trailhead tyre deflators.

I got these deflators from Oasis Off Road in the US. They were not too cheap, (mainly due to international delivery and import taxes etc), but they are excellent quality and they perform great.

The kit comprises of four deflators, a pressure guage adjustment tool to set your preferred pressure, instuctions and a leather storage pouch.


Once they have been set up to your preferred pressure then all you need to do is remove your valve caps, screw on the deflators and after a few seconds they will start to deflate your tyres and they will stop automatically when your tyres have reached the set pressure. A lot easier and quicker than kneeling in the mud with a small stick!

Sounds obvious, but if you deflate your tyres for off-roading then make sure you have a means of re-inflating them, driving on the road with low pressure tyres is illegal and dangerous.

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