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Front Door Card Removal

You may need need to remove the door cards to service your electric windows or fit door speakers etc.

Tools/Equipment Needed

  • Cross-head & flat-bladed screwdrivers

Prise off the small plastic covers and undo the two screws on the arm rests (A).

Undo the screw on the door handle (B).

There is also another clip out of shot on this photo that is at the top of the door card just by the wing mirror - the centre of this clip needs to be pushed in slightly to enable the clip to be pulled out.


The door handle (A) needs to be slid towards the front of the vehicle, it should then pop out. You will see the operating rod attached to the handle with a small plastic clip - disconnect the clip so you can remove the rod and therefore remove the handle.

To enable you to disconnect all the wires from the door you will probably have to prise off the cover (B) and disconnect the wires underneath.

Once all this is done carefully prise the door card away from the door starting at the bottom, then it must be lifted up and over the door lock catches, and any further wires disconnected.



I have taken a lot of time to ensure the information above is correct, but please remember vehicle manufacturers make alterations and design changes during the production run of a vehicle. No liability can be accepted for loss, damage or injury caused by any errors in, or omissions from, the information given above.

If you think any information is incorrect, confusing, misleading or incomplete, please feel free to contact me.

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