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Mud Terrain Tyres

For my new Surf I decided to get some mud terrain tyres. I don't do loads of off roading but I had heard from others that mud terrains can sometimes give more grip on the road than all terrains (and I was not all that keen on my old all terrains in the wet) and that road noise is not too bad either.

One of the most common and popular mud terrain tyre seems to be the BF Goodrich M/T, however, they are quite expensive. I then found that Kumho do a very similar mud terrain tyre for quite a bit less. Remembering the old saying that "you get what you pay for" I did not want to blindly go off and get some so I did some searching around and asked on a few forums if anyone had any thoughts on Kumho M/T's. I found a lot of favourable feedback on the Kumho so decided to go for a set. A set of 5 fitted cost me £200 less than the BFG's! So quite a saving, lets hope they do a good job, only time will tell.

Comparison of the Kumho M/T (on the left), to the BF Goodrich M/T (on the right):

BFG All Terrain  General Grabber All Terrain

The exact Kumho model is the 834 ROADVENTURE MT. I got the same size tyres as were on it when I bought the surf: 31x10.5 15 which fit fine on a standard height Surf as long as you have suitable wheels with the correct offset etc. Not yet tried them off road or in the wet. Road noise is not really a problem, you can hear them only at around 40mph, any slower and they are not noticable, any faster and I can't really hear them over the noise of the engine/wind. Anyway, I quite like the noise they make, and if you don't then thats what your stereo is there for :-)

Note: If you don't like the lettering on these (or other) tyres you can ask to have them fitted with the lettering facing inwards as I did this time around:

I got this set of tyres from a local fitter (Roadwheel in Portsmouth) but I did shop around and they gave me a very good price, and although they had to order them in it only took a couple of days.

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