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Motorbike Rack 1

This is the towbar mounted motorbike rack that I ordered from the Towbar Warehouse. I am going to use it to cart my motocross motorbike around so I don't have to use a trailer or depend on other people with pickups etc.

The picture on the right is what is shown on the Towbar Warehouse web site, but the rack I got is actually the mirror image of this one (i.e. as you look at the back of the vehicle the bar that sticks up and the back wheel sit on the right and the front wheel sits on the left in the adjustable part.

Towbar Warehouse is the only place I found this rack when looking on the internet, but it is made by Watling Engineers and the price on their web site is about £50 less than the Towbar Warehouse price! So if you are interested in getting one I suggest you contact Watling Engineers directly.

The rack seems sturdy enough and is rated to carry up to 140Kg (300lbs), but the quality of the welding is not very good and the finish is very poor - it only comes with a badly painted black primer which has scratched off in many places just through being delivered. It really needs to be painted properly before proper use - I will probably use hammerite.


Here are some pictures of the rack mounted onto the Towbar.

The rack fits to the towbar using two bolts, but as the towbar has four bolt holes (for variable height towball fitting) I intend to weld a plate to the rack so I can attach it to the towbar using four bolts. This will add some extra security as well as helping to spread the load over the whole surface of the towbar mounting plate.

Another problem is the bar that sticks up from the rack (used to attach the motorbike to) - it means that even when the motorbike is not on the rack you cannot lower the tailgate. I may modify the bar so it can be removed when not in use.


Here are some pictures of the bike on the rack.

Obviously I will have to use a trailer light bar when using it, and the bike will be properly tied down.


On the right-hand side of the vehicle, the bike sticks out a small amount. However, on the left-hand side it sticks out a fair way - I will have to get some reflectors and probably some small lights (forward and rear facing) that can be easily attached to the bike. I don't want someone ripping it off in a narrow country lane or something!


Here you can see the modifications to enable the rack to be attached to the tow-plate using four bolts - an extra plate welded on with a strengthening piece behind. Many thanks to Martin for making the plates and Paul for doing the welding.

The finished rack. Modified, painted and reflective stickers applied:

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