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Rear Door & Window Service

It is quite common on Surfs for the rear window demister to not be working and/or the electric rear window to be sticking slightly and straining to go up and down. Here are details of how (hopefully) to solve both these problems. I would recommend doing this service regularly to keep the window motor happy.

Tools/Equipment Needed

  • Cross-head screwdriver
  • Lubricant (Spray grease or similar)

Lower the tailgate and pull off the carpeted panel.

Using a cross-head screwdriver, remove the 5 screws holding the black metal panel in place.

Carefully peel off the plastic sheeting - if you are careful and put it somewhere safe you will be able to stick it back on again later.


In order to operate the rear window while the door is down you need to operate both the side catches.

Using a screwdriver, operate each side catch from the open position (A) one click to the intermediate position (B) and then another click to the closed position (C).

When this is done on both sides you will be able to operate the rear window with the door down.

WARNING: If you operate the window without supporting it, the glass will almost certainly crack and fall out of the door. Make sure you have someone there to support the window while you operate it.

Also, don't try and slam the rear door shut until you have operated the catches back to the open position.



Now lubricate all working parts and the window runners. Get someone to support the glass while you operate the window and lubricate the various parts.


The rear demister element is connected by two wires at one bottom edge. You will need to operate the window to access them. Check that they are connected properly, and if necessary check the demister operation with a voltmeter.

On mine the connectors had simply come loose.



I have taken a lot of time to ensure the information above is correct, but please remember vehicle manufacturers make alterations and design changes during the production run of a vehicle. No liability can be accepted for loss, damage or injury caused by any errors in, or omissions from, the information given above.

If you think any information is incorrect, confusing, misleading or incomplete, please feel free to contact me.

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